Hair completely not as asked for - what can I do?


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Milly this is awful, I feel so bad for you! I see you are in cambridge, I am just outside cambridge in saffron walden. I have a good friend who works self employed in a salon in cambridge town centre, if for what ever reason your plans change with the new salon that is going to help you out let me know and I can give you her name and she would be happy to help you! X
I think the way you have been treated is shocking! I would be requesting not only a full refund but also the full cost to have it corrected at the new salon. If the manager doesn't agree to those terms I'd threaten to contact either a solicitor, trading standards, local press or even that programme on TV about bad traders (sorry can't remember what it's called) and then I'd actually do it too.
In Australia, we have consumer affairs. If you are not happy with a product or service you are well within your right to complain. Consumer affairs will let you know your rights as a consumer and what you are entitled to by the law. In Australia a circumstance like that would have the dodgy salon paying to have your hair fixed at the salon of your choice. Im sure there would be something similar where you live. Id definitely look into it if i were you.
@HayleyM Thank you so much for the very generous offer, I am sure your friend would do a wonderful job. I am booked in for this Wednesday with a salon who bent over backwards to fit me in. I would feel bad to cancel on this new salon at this stage. May be if things go wrong I can have your friends number. Thank you for taking the time to offer help it truly has been overwhelming.
I literally scrolled through your pics and my jaw dropped! I cannot believe what they've done! If it helps the actual cut looks's just a huge shame that it's not what you wanted. If they actually did use a semi on it then it shouldn't be too hard to sort. Fingers crossed for you! Keep us updated xx
@pure @kirstie1980 My background is I have a law degree but I have never had to used it personally in my day to day existence. I thought may be there was some sort of mediation body I could work with or trade body. I personally do not like the compensation culture but hope the Salon Manager on seeing my letter will do the right thing.

If it really comes to it I will call Trading Standards as I feel they dishonestly appropriated money from me. I asked for an itemised receipt but this too was refused by the salon. I also feel, although I could do with an expert opinion that the colour was not applied with reasonable skill. That it fell well below what one would expect from a salon. The cutting of the hair, too short, is technically a battery as I did not consent to this and it is severely shorter than was agreed. All the above are legal grounds I could pursue but I do not want to, without given the salon a chance to refund. I am no longer asking them for colour correction as they did refuse to correct and I also do not trust their colour expertise.

All I want at this stage is my money back. I am sure some would be trying to charge them for a full head of extensions but right now I just want my hair colour back to a normal shade of blonde. Even if its a dark blonde I would be over the moon. Right now it is a fancy dress colour suitable only for Halloween and is extremely patchy.
@HairbyAmy1 Thank you I am glad everyone does not think I am making a mountain out of a mole hill. Unfortunately my hair is very thick so although it looks nice there without being able to professionally blow dry and straighten my hair - it does not sit nicely. My hair is a bit wavy so I purposely never go this short as my hair goes a bit wild! A bit of length helps the waves fall nicely and removes the volume. The cut is even to my mind so I cannot reproach the stylist for this and I did praise her for that part in my letter to the Salon Manager.
....The stylist started to cut my hair to chin length. I said that looks a little short and she explained it would not be that short all the way that she was going to feather from the chin down to make layers at the front.....She said it seemed shorter than it was because my hair was wet and has a slight wave and when dried and straightened it would be bra strap length.

This is a straightforward lie. She knew she'd cut it too short but wouldn't admit her mistake.
All hairdressers know that when you cut hair wet, especially if it has a natural wave in it, it will bounce up and look shorter when it's dried.

It cannot possibly look longer dry than when it is wet!

I feel very sorry for any normal competent hairdressers that have the misfortune to work in a salon like that. It must be soul destroying.
@AcidPerm The other stylist who felt sorry for me when the hairdresser went into hiding in the staff room was sadly a chair renter. I think she probably could not have a say if she wanted to. She finishes early to pick up her kids from school so she was not there for when I had to pay. She was very caring but I think she knew she could not get away with saying anything and just tried to comfort me.
Having my hair colour corrected today - wish me luck! I am so nervous. Thank you for all your support. Will post photos for you all.
Have you had any response from the salon manager at the original salon?
I had my hair colour corrected!! Yey! I am now a dark ash blonde as that is the lightest that could be done in one go. I will have to go back in a few weeks time, where the new salon is confident it can get me to my new target shade: honey blonde. This is close to my original colour before I had the awful cut and dye job. I will post photos to show you but my hair is on a journey to get it's colour back. Will cost a fortune in total to colour correct. New salon had a wonderfully friendly stylist - I will definitely be a new client for them. Also, Olaplex is AMAZING my hair has not been compromised at all despite a full head of highlights and being toned.

I had a telephone call acknowledging the receipt of my letter from the Salon Manager. The Salon Manager states as they were not there, they do not wish to deal with the complaint and have handed it over to the Salon Owner! I was surprised and found it and odd outcome. So I now await a written response from the Salon Owner. The plot thickens.
I would love to know how you got on? did the old salon refund you? how did your hair turn out in the end?x

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