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Jennie Boileau

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Nov 11, 2015
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I've been going to a new hairdresser for a few months now and although I do like her there's a couple of things she does that I'm not happy with.:
First when she does my color, she wraps my head with a plastic thing then sticks me under the hair dryer for over 1/2 hour. She said it's to speed up the coloring but what happens is the heat intensifies the smells/chemicals form the dye and I'm breathing it in then I end up with lung irritation the next day, coughing all day long. Also she applies a gloss treatment, she calls it, to my hair ends as she said it makes the color more even, pulls the color through?? But I find that is getting expensive on top of the coloring but when I tell her I don't need it really, she kind of makes me think my color won't be as nice. Any hair salon I went to before going to her never did the hairdryer thing nor put that treatment in my hair and my hair still always turned out very nice. I'm starting to feel that hair treatment thing is just to get more money out of me as I know they're pain on commission. I also don't like the hairdryer thing I just can't see that being healthy for my hair to do that with hair dye ...any advice??? Thanks!
Heat is sometimes used to speed up the processing time in salons that try to pack clients into shorter time slots but adding heat is not actually necessary for developing the colour. Not these days anyway.

If it's affecting your breathing, then either tell them no to the dryer or just go elsewhere.

Personally, I'd only use a clear glossing treatment between colour appointments to give it a boost.

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