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Sep 26, 2011
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OK so i have a pretty in depth consultation for which is obviously carried out at the consultation/colour match stage. My question is do you have to fill out a new consulation form for every new fitting. So if you have regular clients would you make them fill out a new form? Im guessing the answer is yes as people circumstances can change ect. Although if im being very truthfull iv found myself doing the first consultation and never any more :-/ x
No, I ask them to tell me if anything changed and then do a new form, ie change in medication or new address or new hair colour otherwise I use the same just note on the back the new dates and signature each time just to clarify the information is the same, order forms obviously change each time I don't know whether you have that on your actually consultation. However it won't take more than 5 mins to do a new one each time, so it wouldn't hurt to do it again each time even if u copy the information and just different date and signature hth x
Thanks luv I like the idea of writing on the back il do this. Another quick question do you have a carbon copy sheet so you can give the clent a copy or do you just have a copy x x
We get the client to sign and print their name on 2 copies of everything - terms and conditions, consultation
I don't have the carbon copies so no I don't usually however if they do I simply copy the form and give it to them before the fitting, or pop it in the post for them :)

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