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Sep 17, 2009
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I have a client wanting 18 inch hair... #613... and MAJOR thick... so anyone fancy sharing a few tips n good quality hair for this?
Sounds dumb i know but shes a bit of a WAG and wanna make sure she's happy as could pass on clients x
I love celeb elite hair but I think a few people have been having problems with their #613 and so have had to use #22 instead.
It depends what she wants to pay really.
If she is willing to pay for it, it would be worth going for European, but then I would prebond it first so it can be used again.
Which methods of hair extension technique do you use? I would agree with sarahjane and say celebrity Elite is one of the best out there for prebonded. thick strands all the way from root to tips with no tapering. Cinderella is the other brand that is also lovely and thick but comes in 16 and 20 inches. The 613 issue with celebrity elite is after many years of this being amazing quality blonde hair they have changed the colour ( due to customers saying the 613 was too yellow) and it is now almost white , not much tone and just doesnt last the same. I now use 22 which is still lovely. Personally i would now call their 613 a colour 60 platinum. In the prebonded ranges i have yet to find any other hair that is as thick and true 18 inches to tip. x
I use alot of 613,
I always get my wefts for fusion from lush us uk,they also do a 60,which i often mix with a 613,to give a more platinum look,its lovely,and very shiney.
If im doing pre-bonded I make my own,as i know the hair lasts from lush,It does depend on how much the client wants to pay,I f she wants micro-rings you will most probably be re-using the hair, so it will pay to buy a top quality hair.Which in my own opinion the hair from lush is.
I do however do another extensionists hair,she has a 613,and some 30 through the bottom, and she buys it from buy hair,already stick tipped,for micro-rings,and she loves it,and she said there service is really good too.
Kate x

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