Hair extensions in pregnancy


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Jul 30, 2011
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So I'm only a hairdresser and don't do extensions but I wondered what the situation was with having extensions applied during first semester?

I have the ordered already but can't ask the girl who does them for me as it's really really early days and I'm not telling anyone!

Bit miffed I didn't already dye my hair now but just goin to put toner on my mid-lengths and ends to see me thru til after the 12 week mark.
You need to tell her as some types of ext are contraindicated during pregnancy. She can't advise you unless you tell the truth. She may well ask you to sign a form confirming that you're not pregnant.
She won't as she's literally my friends sister and hasn't got a formal qual in extensions but she's done mine before and did a great job so trust her.

The ones I have are keratin pre bonded.

Had my heart set on having them fitted for my hols!
If you're determined to go ahead at all costs, why bother asking?
If you're determined to go ahead at all costs, why bother asking?

Im not a hair geek. So I hope no one minds me answering but I agree. Im 4 months after having my second baby and my hair is shedding uncontrolably :-(. Be careful and go to a proffessional or take a professionals advice x

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Its not recommended for ladies that are pregnant or breast feeding to have extensions applied because their bodies hormone imbalance could result in hair become fragile and hair loss resulting.
I'm not determined to go ahead at all costs at all I just wanted to know whether it's an absolute no-no or exercise with caution.

Thanks for others replies.

My other hair debate was goin the I the other way completely chopping it into a really funky bob and going lighter which I think will be my plan action now.

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