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Aug 20, 2010
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okay, i really want to dye my hair bright pink all over, i had half once before so i know roughly how to do it
but i currently have a number of dyes all over my hair and their quite dark
the most recent colour was Live XXL in Red Passion

i was going to use a Colour Stripper called B4 by Scott Cornwall, but i read reviews that it doesnt work on dyes which use Metalic Salts, i have no idea what they are or if they use that in the Live xxL dye?

also what would be the best peroxide to use to lighten by hair for the pink?
if anyone knows a better way to do this could you please enlighten me because i have a sneaking suspicion my hair is going to get wrecked lol
thanks :green:
I think the best thing is to go to a professional hairdresser,and get a consultation

Kate x?
I agree.....If you dont know what metallic salts are, playing with strippers or bleach is going to end in disaster.
Salts and bleach ( among other standard color ingredients) can cause a reaction that will MELT the hair shaft. Until you have seen hair smoke and boil, its impossible to describe....Dont take this on yourself.

Seek professional help, in a reputable salon who knows the color correction wont be sorry!!!

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