hair like chewing!!


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Oct 1, 2010
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north west
Hi Geeks, I am needing a bit of advice pls, I have a new client who is also a friend, she's asked me to do her re-growth and i said ok (reluctantly)

She is a base 5/6 and has had an absolute ton of chemicals on her hair, she's been brunette then blond a million times this year, she's now blonde with a few flashes of brown & chestnut reddy colour in. (which she has been doing herself!)

I did a test piece in 12\1 with 12% and her roots were ok, the mid-lengths to ends of her hair that i just tried in the tint went like chewing gum, i have no intention of putting any tint on the mid lengths to ends but wanted to completely make sure i am ok to still do the roots?? I'm more into cutting and less of a colour expert and just know my basic stuff.

I have told her about the test and explained I can't put any chemicals whatsoever on the rest of her hair, I am also going to cut lots of her hair a lot shorter as it looks in awful condition.

Any tips or anything very much appreciated am doing it on tuesday night xxxxxxxx thanks in advance
so you did 12/1 and 12% on her roots and it looked fine colour match?

as long as you arent doing any hair that is previously coloured, then youll be fine.

tell her to stop ruining her hair!!!!! LOL

and cut lots of the crappy bits off.

Good luck hun xxx
thanks Kimi,

I did 12/1 as I didn't have 12/0 at the time which is what she usually has, i have it now, i did say that as she's got so many colours running through her hair I would advise having a mass chop and leaving the colour for a bit and giving her hair a rest as it may not be a 100% match to the rest of her hair, but that opinion wasn't welcomed so I have said I will do my best for her.

It was unreal, she said my hair looks a bit of a state as i haven't styled it today, which wouldn't have made any difference!!! she's got at least 4-5 inches of damaged hair to get rid of, If i had my way I would cut it very short and start all over again! but that's in my little world haha

thanks lovely xxx
hi, just an update, i did her hair on tues night and she was happy with the root colour. However, after asking her a zillion times what she wanted cut wise and she kept saying do whatever you want i told her i'd do what was best for her hair to get it back in shape. It was down to her shoulder blades in length and needed a good 41/2 inches off, and a good few inches off all over, she said she didn't mind going short either, i said i wouldnt go short as it would be too drastic, so i did the 4 inches off the length and did a uniform layer cut from about just above her ear, so she could have it big if she wanted or straightened and choppy, i thought it looked really nice, I got all the broken hair off and the condition looked fab.

However, i saw on her facebook profile she had changed her picture and got her hair cropped to her chin!! I asked her how she was getting on with the style and she said she didn't like it and it made her look like a beetle!!!

She also said it was WAY shorter than she thought it would be and was a bit of a shock!! I think her idea of short hair is very different to mine!
She said she paid £30 yesterday and had it re-cut, i told her I would have rather she came to me and I would have fixed it the way she wanted it for free!! Aarrggh!!!! i ask a million questions when i do a new client's hair and i still get it wrong!!!!

I should maybe have been a bit more wary as she said her friend was a hairdresser and used to do her hair...oh well i will make sure i take a style book everywhere i go to make sure i am on the same page as the client!!!!

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