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Sep 9, 2010
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Hi Geeks! Originally from the beauty industry I have been solely doing hair extensions now for around 5 years. i have finally decided to do the jump and applied for the level 2 hairdressing course in September.
I don't want to use their cheap kit, so am going to purchase everything separately myself.
Can you advise on everything I need to a beginner, plus anything you LOVE and cant live without as a stylist?!

Thankyou x
Decent set of round brushes. I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to round brushes, but always go to my headjog set.
Paddle brush
Denman brush
Vented brush
Wet brush
Detangling comb
Sectioning comb
Backcombing brush
Decent hairdryer (i like parlux) with diffuser and nozzle attachments
Straighteners (heat variable)
Curling wand
Curling tongs
Scissors ( I love jaguars)
Thinning scissors
Cutting collar
Tinting bowls
Tinting brushes
Applicator bottle
Measuring jug
Roller pins
Pin curl grips
Mannequin heads
Sectioning grips. (lots)

I've probably forgotten some things but that's a pretty basic kit.
amazing thank you so much!
Any other recommendations for fab brands/where to buy?
Tbh with regards to scissors just get the college ones or a cheap pair... You will be mainly cutting block heads with them and they will blunt easily with the blocks... Maybe get a good pair for clients only and a cheap pair for block cutting
I like the denman headhugger round brushes.. Good grip and give a nice curly blow dry
I wouldn't buy anything at all expensive, or certainly nothing you wouldn't like to lend to the person in the class who NEVER has a kit, and won't buy one till half way through the second term.

There's always one (or if you're lucky two) in class who never have anything and ask to borrow your kit until next lesson and hey-ho you'll never see it again :)

Don't buy expensive scissors either as someone mentioned, you'll drop them, or blunt them on the block.

Good luck.

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