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Mar 19, 2010
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Hi hair geeks

I'm a beauty therapist and make-up artist. After a number of photographers and other muas said I should consider adding hair to my skills I attended a bridal hair taster the other weekend.

I really enjoyed it but am some way away from being at a level to be confident doing anyone's hair for real! But I have just bought a training head :)

I would like to spend a few days or weeks learning just the basics of setting hair and creating styles (not cutting or colouring etc) that I can go off and practice. Can anyone recommend a good course? I'm a bit sceptical of the ones run by wholesalers etc. I would like to go somewhere reputable and learn a mix of traditional techniques and modern trends.

Or perhaps there are some good books/dvds you could recommend?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you have!

Hi, really sorry, I dont know of any courses. But, I learnt most of my techniques from other stylists that I worked with and on the web, just practise practise practise. Maybe you could get your hair done at a salon a few times in different styles (if you have long hair, or take a friend and watch if not) Try some on blocks, but your better off practising on real models as the hair is a lot softer and wont hold in place like a head will. Practise on yourself too as you can feel how tight you need to do thigs without hurting, and also will give you an idea on firmness needed for an upstyle to last more than 5 mins. oh, and did I say practise, :) Good luck. (the best tip I ever learnt was to take your time, speed comes when you've got the style down pat!)
I learned at college. Before i started college, i did like you have and practiced on a sally head. Though it is good practice, it's best to get models as it is different. Especially with different lengths, thickness and textures of hair. You could try Patrick Cameron books for ideas or i think Andrew Collinge does books on long hair
Thanks for your advice! x
I have thought about this too for proms etc. I am willing to practice like mad but how would one get insurance if not attending a recognised course?

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