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Apr 4, 2012
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west yorkshire
Does anybody use them as a supplier for hair? Ive just been researching as i am after a few new suppliers and i am amazed at how cheap they are! If you currently use them or have used them please could you let me know what the quality is like and any other info you may have for me?xx
I used them once, it was a mistake! Chinese remy is so brittle, and won't last more than a few washes... I'd stay clear. xx
ok thank you! was the response i expected tbh but thought id double check! website says it lasts 3 months but at that price i was extremely doubtful x
i used them once for bodywave hair, had to send it back for refund. Bodywave dropped after 1 wash1 plus hair was like plastic dolls hair after it was washed and dried. The client used a full after care kit i provided so aftercare was not the problem.

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