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In the salon I’d like to provide a glass of wine/fizz to our clients. Not to sell it but offer as an alternative to tea and coffee. Does anyone else do this and if so is there any licences I need/ insurance etc? Thanks!!


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Providing alcohol to customers without a licence is a breach of section 136 of the Licensing Act and is a criminal offence.

This is also a local council thing that you need to apply for!

good luck helps businesses so much giving alcohol, I couldn't imagine going to a salon without procecco and wine/beer!

You have to check with your local council. Ours require nothing except it can’t be linked to a purchase, so you can’t say it’s free with a haircut, you have to simply say it’s free, so if joe bloggs comes in off the street, he can have a glass. But councils are different x

Thank you both very much - very helpful, I will email the council now x


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If you’re spending money on alcohol, how much are you charging for your services to cover the costs? Reasonable quality wine costs a lot more to buy than the cost of a few teabags or jars of coffee.
Will you allow staff to drink alcohol during their break?
What sort of atmosphere are you wanting to promote?
Will you ensure teenagers are over 18?

You will lose some clients over this but it depends on what demographic you wish to appeal to.

I have to be honest, it wasn’t a deal breaker in our salon. We did it as a one off x


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As someone said above, it depends on the demographics of your clients as to whether it's worth offering alcohol to clients.
For me in a rural location, most of them drive so wouldn't partake and my other elderly ladies just don't really drink anymore.

If you are the sort of spa salon / retreat where everyone is there for the day and have lunch with you, then yes, i think it would be worth offering in your spa packages.

The most popular tea I serve is PG tips, and the most compliments go to Asda brand gold blend coffee!!
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