Hairdressing apprenticeship interview tomorrow


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Mar 15, 2013
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Hi all wasn't sure if this should go in the hair geek or not as I'm not actually a hair geek, yet!! Haha

I have an interview for a hairdressing apprenticeship tomorrow at an academy in town. I'm soo excited as I wasn't sure which route to take, hair or beauty, I went with beauty and I love it. But I can't see myself doing it as a career. I prefer it as a hobby.

I am intrigued by hair and this was the other route I wanted to take, my question is, have any of you geeks done hair and beauty? Is it criticised? Do you feel like a jack of all trades or do you find you fancied both and preferred one to the other? I'd love to hear your stories :)

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I do beauty and nails and have been in the industry for over 2 years now. I *did* want to do hair but I don't think there are enough employed job opportunities to use both skills.

I might like to learn hair at some point but financially I'm not sure what sort of advantage it would give me as an additional skill.
I don't want to do beauty anymore, as a main career choice. I enjoy it as a hobby doing lashes and the odd wax but I would be entirely focused on hair :) xxx

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I'm qualified in both, but have only ever really done hair, as there is far more money in it. The beauty training was useful for my own salon though.
Thanks persianista. I thought maybe hair would be better financially and me being a single momma now I have to get as many pennies for my baby! Haha. I can do the training and see which I prefer I guess. At least then I can make a comprehensive decision. Thank you :)

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In the US, hair stylists are qualified to work on hair, skin and nails. But I also have an esthetician license because I didn't feel like I had enough training when I went to cosmetology school. I would love to do only esthetics, but there is more money in hair and nails where I live. So that's what I do.

Good luck!:biggrin:
Thanks so much :) I've never been this happy nervous excited for ages :) xxx

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