Hairdryer suggestions for student please?


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Jan 21, 2013
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Paisley, Scotland
Hi all!

Was looking for some suggestions on a good hairdryer that isn't too dear ? I'm a hairdressing student and need a new hairdryer for the home so may aswell get a decent one rather than babyliss ones that are on offer for £15 out of Argos or asda !! Lol xx
The one I got from my school is Taiff brand and I love it.

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I have a Diva Veloce 3800 Pro and I love it. Really powerful and heat settings are good. If you get to Sally's on a VAT free day you should get it for about £30 x
My salon recommended Diva. I got the Ultima 5000 from salons direct on offer last week and there are other Diva ones reasonably priced there.

Hth 😊
I've also heard diva are good but just don't know what one to get lol! Ideally I want one with 3 heat setting and at least two speed settings and a cool button ... And 2000w or more xxx
Parlux will last you years
I agree with kwoodsy diva veloce is fantastic!!
Parlux will last you years

Totally agree. My Parlux has only just died on me last week - after 8 YEARS!!!! That's value for money!!!!

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