Hand application tan - exfoliation removal?


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Feb 1, 2012
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Hi all, I have been doing spray tans for years, but only trained properly at the end of last year in how to do hand application tans. I have my first client for this today and I remember when training, struggling to get all the exfoliator off (we don't have a shower in the salon) so that there were no gritty bits left on.

Does anyone have any good tips please - we were taught the "water in a bowl and sponge" method, which is what I plan to do - but any useful hints on how to get it all off would be much appreciated!

Thank you xx
We use face washers and hand towels in warm water, sweeping down limbs etc. And rinsing often in a big tub of warm water. We also have hot towels in cabinet to use at the end to get more off.
Thank you - annoyingly, my client did not turn up for her 11.30 appointment (no phonecall, text or anything!).... but at least I know for the furture and if nothing else, I can get a bit more practice in! Very annoying when people do this though..:(

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