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Jul 29, 2003
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brent knoll somerset
Hi everyone this is my first post. so i hope this is not a stupid question.I'm studying to do the N V Q in nails just incase we need it by law.
I needed to know what hand sanitisers are recognised by the beauty industry does anyone know. I always use cool blue and scrub fresh by creative i would assume these are.
hope someone can help!
thanks jacqueline
hi there

in the assignment i did for my vctc we had to put soap and water as one then i added cool blue and scrubfresh

hope this helps
hi caroline
thanks for your help just got to hope i pass, its hard work doing a exam and running a business.

thanks again jacqueline
This may help you too - if you log on to www.designernails.com and go to the NVQ section, you can click on to each section and print them off - it's brilliant, helpful and entirely FOC!! ;)
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