Hand soaks at pamper parties .. how best to do?


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Feb 22, 2010
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have my first kids mani party booked for cpl weeks time, for 8 12 yr olds (help!) the mum doesnt want nail art as party is during term time but as close an authentic nail spa experience as possible.
im now thinking its going to be more hassle than its worth - i have cpl of those finger/hand soak bowls (pink glitter,lol) but am wondering if i should perhaps buy more so they have 1 bowl each
do you think i could use those mundo hard surface wipes on the bowl after each mini manicure? adding fresh water with each manicure of course
also have an enquiry for hen pamper party, and will have same issue .. how do those that do mobile, get around this problem? i like my ladies to have finger soak to soften the cuticles and think that although only a small detail it adds to the whole experience . your comments would be much appreciated x
Good luck I must admit I did a party last week for 8yr old and was there 2 hours, because they smudged them, were winging because they had changed their mind and prefered what their friend had. All with a smile on my face. Hopefully you should be better with 12 year olds. Why not suggest to the mum that you do pedicures, cos then they can all have girlie nail art, it will last longer and easier for you to do.
If that fails take larger bowls and a few can soak the nails together.
Good luck (and get a bottle of wine in for after - I needed it lol)
thanks for your reply .. oh dear, starting to panic now
was hoping if it went well, could advertise alongside my regular treatments . will just have to see how it goes now, lol
can i ask what sort of nail art you did on the 8 yr olds and did you do all their fingers, i was thinking alternate and thumbs when have nail art party but this one is just for manicures and some nail care advice as the mum is worried they will get in trouble at school if have jazzed up nails as she put it,lol
Good luck. I painted a lot of tips different colours and used stick on flowers that I got from ebay. Thinking they would like that I also did ladybirds and every single one of them wanted the ladybirds which i did on just the ring fingers and thumbs.
Have a look on my facebook page - highly polished mobile nail bar and there is a photo a ladybird nail - they'll love it.
have fun
Hi Jolou, was just looking for your facebook page as would love to see the ladybirds as doing a children's pamper party in a couple of weeks but I couldn't find it...I did find a 'Highly polished' facebook page but no pics of ladybirds...maybe it was the wrong one or I'm looking in the wrong place for the photos although did go through them...
Could you please put a link on? Thank you :)

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