Happy birthday to Claddagh nails


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Jul 27, 2003
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Bernie happy birthday .

Have a very very very good birthday .

From every body at muis beauty nail salon Thailand we think of you and send good wishes to you all the time .
Happy birtday............have a great day

Happy Birthday...enjoy!
Claddagh nails - many happy happy returns of the day!! may it be fun filled and interesting!!! :biggrin:
happy birthday , hope you have a great day , love dee
Feliz Cumpleaños

from Spain!!

Think about you so often.

Wishing all the best for you.
Happy Birthday

Hope you have a lovely day, take care & enjoy.

Hey Bernie!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATEY!!!! You kept that quiet in your email this morning!! What you up to? Going anywhere nice?

Have a great day.
Have a nice one
Happy Birthday ....
Where you been hiding? Hope you have a good day.
Hi all,

:p Thanks for your lovely wishes and mails I received from ye all yesterday.
Had a very quite day and I really enjoyed that. A meal with my hubby, sister, nice and close friend on Tues; night
and a very quite night in with hubby last night ;) .

With quite a few things happening at the moment didn’t want anything special,
but as always hubby came up tops with the best present – A pair of ruby slippers :biggrin: (not quite like the ruby nails)
but a fab pair of shoes I was after for a while and never even told him about them.
:eek: Just go to show how much that man knows me. :D

All in all a lovely day and some great quality time with hubby.

:) Thanks again, ye are all great. :lol:
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