has anyone done a course in body piercing?


hi all

i want to know if anyone has done course in body piercing and aproximately how much it cost to do it.

i hope someone can tell you something about it coz i would love to know as well!


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I will try to help as best I can.
I trained as a Body Piercer well before there was a qualification attached to it.
I was taught at the professional piercing studio where I worked, and learned using models, then I pierced at a discounted rate, then when fully competent at the full rate.
I recommend this method of learning, but I also think it's a very positive step that you can now gain a nationally recognised qualification, I wish this had been an option at the time.
I will gain this qualification when I want to concentrate on this as part of my job, which i don't at the moment.
The following links give information about the VTCT qualification associated wit Body Piercing.
learndirect - body piercer
Tattoo training and design course body piercing and body art from Akasha LTD,
Hope this helps a bit x


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don't forget if you decide to offer this as a service you will need to get your council licence...... can work out very expensive if you live in a city etc.