Has anyone done the Nail Harmony Fusion acrylic course?


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May 16, 2012
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Hi, I have been looking into doing the nail harmony acrylic course (4 days).

Has anyone done this course and what did you think? I looked at buying the kit and noticed you dont get the tips with it? I asked the local tutor to me about it and says they mainly sculpt. Where i live people do mainly have tips and i have done it this way before as i used to do my own and a few friends with a millennium kit a few years ago. So this was the main bit i wanted to learn.

Opinions please??

Tbh. I would have thought learning to sculpt would be good. Because the only thing you have to learn different would be applying tips which isn't that hard really

Then one the tip
Is on. Applying the overlay to a nail with tip should have the same sort of principal as applying n overlay onto a form then you will no both ways which is always handy x
Thank you for your reply :) Yes i am very open minded about doing the sculpting. But i wasnt sure if you would do it any different with tips or without? I suppose i have only seen and had the tips before and never the sculpting so had a slight panic lol.
So apart from the part that you would apply the tip or sculpt, everything else would be done the same either way?
Best thing for you to do would probably just to have look at a you tube video of each one to see if you like the look of it. I mean to be honest they may even show u a quick tip application and overlay If you ask nicely xxx
I did a one to one conversion course to nail harmony fusion and I love it. It goes on so smoothly and is so easy to file. I enjoyed learning to sculpt with it and it now gives me the option of doing either tips or sculpt. I use pro impression well-less tips anyway and wouldn't use any others. I would thoroughly recommend Harmony.
Hi hun I replied to ur pm about harmony. X
Hi i did a translation course which was 2 days with 2 weeks in between. This was for homework and practice. Ive done acrylics before but years ago and never learnt sculpting. I really enjoy sculpting now and the product is beautiful, goes on like a dream and easy to file. Good luck x
Thank you for your reply ladies. I think i was a little down and tired yesterday and definatly feel different now i have had some really good feedback and watched the video on you tube and really looking forward to it now :) get the acrylic course done, they maybe the gelish :) iv done the gelicure course and just spent £300 on the kit so want to start off with this first then maybe do gelish to as the colour range is better.
Hi I'm thinking of introduction this system in my salon how are you all doing wih it?
I am currently doing the course. They do teach tips but it is mainly focussing on sculptures which is something I really wanted to do. The course is great, and my tutor lets us borrow anything we need that isn't in the kit x

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