Has anyone got a static caravan?


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Oct 23, 2006
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west midlands
Hi Geeks

After considering a touring caravan we have decided against it due to the hard work involved with regards to having small children (3)

We are thinking about getting a static caravan on the mid wales coast for our family (three very young children)

Do any of you own one? owned one?

What are the running costs?

What are your experiences.... good or bad? I want to hear them all please so that we can make the right decision......

Would really appreciate your thoughts as we dont know of anyone with one to discuss it with


ps if anyone has one for sale - 3 bed - with central heating please pm me - ta
I've got a static and just love it. I escape there at the end of the week, and stay to the last minute I can. It's like a second home from home, as I've got everything I need and you can leave it all there and it's ready for you the next time you go. I would think this would be much easier than packing things away, so they don't get thrown everywhere, and the extra space would be very welcome with tinies too.
Think carefully about the kind of site you want. Near a beach? In the country? Think about your travelling time to it.
Do you want a quiet site, where the children (and you) make your own entertainment? Or do you want one with swing parks, kids clubs, and on site shop, bar and chip shop?
I'm on a very small site, I think only about 50 caravans, with no entertainment whatsoever. The nearest thing to entertainment provided is the washing machine and dryer. This suits me perfectly, as there are very few children, and most of the adults are nearing retirement age or older. (I go for the peace and quiet - your interests may be different)
As for costs - I think my site fees are £1300 a year, plus rates of £350, plus insurance £350 a year, plus gas and electric as used, payable quarterly, or if gas bottles, then as you use them. If the site you choose has entertainment, etc, then the fees may be more. You also need to get your central heating, gas fire, cooker, etc checked each year and I think this is about £50. (I think these figures are fairly accurate, but I may be a little out.)
My site is only closed for 6 weeks fron the middle of January to the 1st March. Check what weeks the sites you are interested inclose. Some are closed between the middle of October to Easter. That's a huge part of the year! My caravan doesn't have central heating, but with the gas fire on and some electric heaters in the bedrooms and electric blankets, it's lovely during the winter. I must admit it is VERY chilly in the morning though!
Another thing to watch is how old they allow the caravans to be before they have to be replaced. I know some sites only allow them to 10 years old. Others, like mine, allow them to be 20 years old before replacement.
If you are buying one on site, second hand, I think there are two ways to buy, depending on the site. You might but from the site directly (ie they've bought it from the last owner), including the transfer fees, or you might give the last owner however much you agree and pay the transfer fees to the site. The transfer fees on my site are 15% I think. Make sure when you are talkung cost whether this includes the transfer fees or not. Don't want a nasty surprise! If you buy a new caravan and they site it for you, be prepared for siting fees that run into many thousands!
Everything should be written down, and you'll get some kind of lease form from the site. It was all really simple for me. I wasn't worried about how it was going.
I really love my caravan and wouldn't want to be without it.
Let me know if there is anything else you want to know.
Marion xxx

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