Has anyone used the Easilocks shampoo and conditioner. Any good or should I buy Kevin Murphy?


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Jan 2, 2016
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Plymouth UK
I wrote a posts few days ago but I worded the title wrong I have Easilocks hair extensions. I looked on their site to buy their shampoo and conditioner but they only do one type. I am prone to frizzy and dry ends and am concerned a system for all hair types won't be moisturising enough for my hair. I absolutely love the kevin murphy Angel wash and rinse I was wondering if I would be better off sticking to that as it contains no sulphates. Any recommendations gratefully received xxxxxx
I think Kevin Murphy products are great so I would imagine the moisturising shampoo will be fine.

However, just make sure that there is no requirement to stick with Easilcks branded products as part of their contract terms to validate their guarantee on the supplied hair.

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