Is Cureplex good as a stand alone treatment? If not then what else can I do?


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Dec 7, 2014
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A salon I know uses cureplex. I know olaplex is apparently the best thing ou there but apparently a lot of salons are getting rid of it due to it costing so much (my old salon aid $900 for our kit but the prices may have changed) or just because they started with it before olaplex reached here.

The issue is that I have read a lot on he product. A lot of people are claiming it is really amazing. But others are claiming it has a silicone-like coating.I have even read that it is damaging for damaged hair (sounds counter productive). But most, if not all of my research is for colouring hair. I am really just wanting to rebuild the bonds in my hair after a bunch of work I had to do on my hair. I am really hesitant about what touches my hair as its fragile (still shiny but fairly porous). Any advice on my hair would be awesome.

Currently I am using
Kevin murphy luxury wash
Kevin Murphy young again treatment
De lorenzo equilibrium
Davroe moisture senses conditioner
Argon oil

Just so you know what has happened to my hair. I don't need colour knowledge. I just want my hair to be nice enough that I can grow it out.
The damage was caused due to there being a mix up on a product I receive leaving my hair to be colour bleached to fuchsia. (Salon smarts violet depositing bleach). This was on my hair for 10 minutes before I washed it off. I then did a bleach bath and getting it to a barbie pink. After that I left it for a day, went into the salon that sold me the product. They told me to bleach bath it again. My hair already felt like straw at the time so I tried a more simple method. I mixed bicarb with anti dandruff shampoo. I had white roots and pastel pink ends. Work told me to not come in unless its fixed. So I decided to risk it with a bleach bath. I made a more gentle mix this time. The colour didn't budge. I decided I may bleach it. But I thought I would do a test strand. The colour did not budge at all so I counted my blessings and toned with a mixture of 8NI and 9NI alfaparf. I did treatments in between eat step. My hair actually feels really good considering the amount I have abused it. But I just feel it could benefit from something like olaplex.

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