HATS OFF to Geeg!!! whoo hoooooo (SCRATCH MAG)


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Jul 12, 2003
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Massachusetts, USA
WOW--- just got my June Scratch yesterday.. and lo and behold--- the HEADLINERS & LEGENDS is all about GEEG!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D

WHAT an incredible article!!! (RAISING MY HAT...) :D

I can't help but feel special as she is part of my life through this site.. and to read about her and her life is awe-inspiring!!!!!!!!!

AND..AND! I didn't know that she is Mrs. Geek's MOM!!! :o (oops, somehow I feel I should've know that!?!!)

YOU deserve the praise and admiration as read in the magazine---

and you truly are a LEGEND.

I only hope that I will have the honor & pleasure to meet you someday... (England- Creative Academy in July, maybe?? pleeeeaseee?? ;) )

Ok, now I'm speechless! lol
wow Gigi, big congrats and definately hats off!

and a big extra yes please stop by boot camp, it would be fabulous to meet you:green:
Big it up for Geeg
Great article, Congrats :biggrin:
it's lovely to see someone as inspirational as geeg in the nail mags.
she was my mentor at the begining & continues to inspire me today.
thank-you for the mention, geeg, i can only hope 1 day that i can sit back & speak as fondly & with such pride about some of my students,( u know who u are!! )
keep up the good work, i know u love it!
lots of love liza xxx
I think Geeg is an inspiration to all of us nail technicians out there. No matter what problems we ever have regardless of what system we use or who we trained with, Geeg is always there with help and advice. She breaks it down and gives it to us plain and simple whilst throwing in a little something to make us believe in ourselves and the industry. Congratulations and thanks Geeg. I will now hereby crown you Queen Geeg of Brisa.
Got my Scratch Mag and OMG it's Gigi...................
What a brill write up..........
Nice one Gina xxxx
And Oh so true...............
But it the never ending energy, where does that come from ????
She dashes here, she teaches there, she mentors so many Techs , she has time for all, a wicked sense of humour, a great sense of fair play, she gives it to you straight.........A kind person and as my Mum would have put it "with a beautiful soul" XXX
I am so proud to call you my friend xxxxx
yep i got my scratch mag and read the article it was great , geeg is a total inspiration to what we would all love to be, it is great for all of us to be surrounded by people of this character, who as we all know will help us out with any advice we may need , so thank geeg from all us geeks love dee
I was very proud to see mum as a legend! She didn't want to do it at first because she doesn't like being in the spot light BUT I MADE HER :lol: Since she is my mum I would like to thank you all for these lovely heart felt messages! She loves teaching via the site and I know that for some of you she can come over a little bit 'too' passionate; I guess she wants everyone to do well and sometimes it must be frustrating when you can't physically show someone something but are having to describe the process! For all of you out there - her intentions are honest, good and heart felt!! I am very proud of you mum - great article and congratulations!! MTTCT
Sam ;)
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