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Oct 29, 2003
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Poole, Dorset
Hi, I am having a real down day, where i feel nothing is going right, I have a few issues that I feel are just going round and round in my head so thought I would put the issue to you lot, as when ever i get a problem it is usually resolved here perfectly.

Ok issue 1, Gel, my most fav system, never used to be it always used to be acrylic, heck that was before i tried P&W though now i am falling apart with acrylic and loving gel, anyway, the issue is products, I currently use the Faze system from designer nails, love it have had no problem with it at all, well saying that apart from 3 sets, one was a set done far far too long, but client insisted, and the other 2 sets where sculpted on younger girls, need i say anymore. Oh blah blah get to the point, ok now brisa has been brought out and I am torn not knowing what to do, i was all for going for it but now I don't know because many people have said if you are having no problems with your orginal gel why change? Oh I don't know just having a dilema on it and would like a guide really.

Issue 2, my room, huh room, no actually part of the kitchen, ok so its alright one large room divided into two parts by a wall and an arch way, both sides have kitchen units and work surfaces and i have my desk and bits and bobs in the left hand part, this is where the back glazed door is to exit into the back garden and there is also a door that leads through from the front patio doors, so one can gain access straight into the kitchen rather than walking through house. Anyway problem is family members can walk through my working area at any time, it does not feel my own really, where as we have an integral garage with perfect access from front door, although I wonder about the cost involved and suitability, has any one used there garage and how did they do it with out involving the council for planning permission etc.

I just want to get on and earn a living doing what I like but its all becoming if's and buts, where i am now just does not suit me, my husband walking through to have a discusting ciggi, (yes I gave up).

Sorry I am just down today and need direction anyone fancy kicking me up the rear end? i need it. :o

any thoughts or suggestions would be gratefully recieved.

Grace x
Hi Grace - sorry you are feeling a little low. Firstly Fiona (Natural Nails) is THE PERFECT PERSON fro you to discuss conversions with and even extensions as she has done it all and since her dad is a vat man:eek: she is very good at accounts so will be able to help with costs!!

Now regarding Faze and Brisa; Faze is a good system and plenty of people have really enjoyed using it. You will notice however that we have not done anything with it for a while - that is because we knew about Brisa Gels from CND. CND have a lot of money behind tham for research and development and we knew that Brisa would be a better system. I can not for sure say we are fazing (excuse pun) Faze out but there is a possibility because we don't really need 2 gels. Hope this helps you with your dilemma.
Cheer up Chicky!!!
Hi, thanks Mrs Geek, I am sad to think that the faze maybe fazed out. Today my friend came round to be my guinea pig as I wanted to try out another gel product metioning no names of course, but it was not made by cnd or designer, anyway my exact words to my mate can not be repeated with regards to the results of my efforts with this product. I was far from impressed and then realised just how lucky I was to have Faze, you could see the difference just looking in the pots let alone using them.

So my question now would be what exactly is the difference between the faze and brisa? I have suspected and heard that maybe the strength is a factor, and yes of course the hyperalogenic part, but what else.

Sorry to be a pain, my son is registered ADHD and has a real problem with change and to be honest I think he gets it from me, I am very weary of change, this is why I have been reluctant to just go for the brisa, such a woosy I know.

Final question is I am going to sell all the bits and bobs i do not need on ebay to raise my cash for brisa, how much will the lamp be now, or is there still an offer on?

Grace x
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