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Nov 3, 2013
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I am currently taking an Introductory to Nail Technology course through Insitute of Nail Technology (based in Alberta, Canada). Part of my course includes at home studying which is doing peoples nails at home for basically extra practise. The people who I'm practising on are required to have a new set applied, and then at least one fill. These "clients" are apparently happy with my work, I even have them fill out a questionaire at the end of the appointment asking things like are you happy with your enhancements, was it comfortable, etc. The problem I'm having is I think these people just want free nails (I'm not charging for these "practise" sets/fills as it's a requirement for my course) and the majority of these people are not coming back for the required fill. I explain to them while I'm doing a new set that it is important to maintain the nail enhancement (IE: filing as they grow, no picking or biting nails, fills every 2-3 weeks) and that obtaining the one required fill is necessary, however they still aren't following these "rules." I'm strapped for ideas and it's really heart breaking for me as I really enjoy doing nails and it's a passion I've had for 6 years that I've only recently been able to afford the training and qualifications. Not to mention product can be expensive and the education alone is thousands of dollars, I feel like people are cheating me. *End rant*

Can anyone give me some advise on how to get these people to follow said "rules?" It's two weeks before my written and practical exam and I need to apply nail enhancements to someone this week in order to do a fill on exam day (I do application now, removal and new enhancments on one hand the night before, then during the exam I do the other hand as a fill.) I am so afraid to waste my precious time and effort (and product) on someone who may just bail last minute and I will not be able to do my exam. How can I ensure that these people stop doing this?

I know this is a super long post for something so simple, sorry for the hardcore rant, thanks in advance for any advise you can give to help.
Hi hun,

Can you not use a family member? Or a trusted friend? I wouldnt want to risk not being able to do the exam.

Good luck! Xx
As the other geek said can you use freinds and family instead? (they should be easier to nag if you need to :) )
Could you ask for a payment, which can be refundable on completion of your exam? X

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Unfortunately it's not just one or two "clients" that I need to do, It's 13-15. I have done my family and due to this situation I'm not sure if my "friends" are really my friends. After all friends would WANT to help you right? I appriciate my family and their help and it has helped a lot, but only a few of my family members can actually wear nail extensions due to work and such.

I think I may just have to start charging $30/set refundable upon completion of the fill.

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