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Aug 28, 2003
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when i was looking through my cupboards earlier i came across some boxes of hawk curve tips that i got in america, i've had these tips for a while now but i could never seem to get them to fit properly on my nails......they have a full well area and are extremely curved

i decided to try out some of the pre blending tips that i have been reading about on here.......so i got out my curved scissors and some files and got to work and after a few minutes work the tips fit just perfect :D i was so pleased as its something i have never done before

so i really just want to say thanks to everyone who gives advice on the board....i learn something new on here every day :p

i really want to do a full set now but all my stuff is packed away as i'm flitting next week :( ....... oh well never mind i will just have to wait a few more weeks

how mad is that

over a week ago i was sorting out all my cupboards cos i am moving soon and i came accross really curvy hawk type tips that i bought from Japan years ago, couldnt even do nails then, should try them out!!!!!!

:cyclops: :cyclops: :cyclops: :cyclops: :cyclops: :cyclops: :cyclops:

cazza :D :D
its amazing the stuff that you find when you clean out cupboards....i found lots of special fx nail art stuff.....lots of supernails stuff and also a whole lot of different nail type things from america.....i'm hoping to put it all to good use when i get settled in though :D

the first thing i am gonna do though is a full set with the claw tips and a glitter overlay :)

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