Hay fever and nails!


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Jun 8, 2003
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Hi, I have the worst hay fever ever this year :( My eyes are terrible and I did a couple of sets this morning with really blurry sight! This year I've had a course of steroids to reduce symptoms, take anti-histimines and use eye drops daily, but it seems worse than ever :( Does anyone else get this and have any suggestions? Thanks!
does it not help to wear protective glasses, may be a silly question but hey, thats me. You can tell I`m not a hayfever sufferer. I do however, sneeze a lot from the dust but will I wear a mask??????
Hi ya SAff,

I must say it's got me this year too. I havn't suffered for a couple of years but this year it seems, I am making up for it.

I have been taking Zirtek, Eye Drops aso.
I tried the glasses bit, but it seems that just made it worse, the vapours and the small dusty bits seem to get right under them and then make them water and itch even more.
I found that having then Fan blowing sideways makes a bit of a difference, so the vapours dont get to my eyes.
The Fan is on a low setting just enough to move the air slightly, I also clean my desk more then usual, a fine spray of clorispray, and I got a little portable hoover and I wizz round the station with that in between clients.
Appart from that i can't seem to do anything else, but if any one else out there's got any suggestions ..................
Saff and I would love to hear them, eh babe??
love Ruth xxxx
It's all a bit grotty at the moment. It's hard to blow your nose 'discreetly' when your about 2 foot away from a client and I can't really dash out of the room every 10 minutes! I found it really hard to focus yesterday - hope her nails were ok! :oops: Will try the fan idea - have been trying to keep the windows closed to keep pollen out, but will have to open them or clients will start passing out in the heat :shock: Roll on winter :D
Remember that the dust will most likely be the biggest aggravator in these situations.

Fans may help circumvent some of the dust... but at the same time will prevent the dust from settling... that means you are more likely to breathe it in!

Anyhooo... just a couple of things to think about :)
Oh Sam,
Whats a girl to do?????????????/
Well at least some of the dust keeps away from my nose and eyes lol
But I think the top soooper doooper option would be one of those nice extractor that Marco has in his salon. Cant see the owner spending out on those thought!!!!!! :oops:

Just had a thought maybe a dust mask ????
Well I will look like Dr. Kildaire or Mrs Dr. Kildaire, but then nails can be a tricky operation. But if I put it them over my eyes too I will look like super ant....................I can just picture it ............
Love Ruth xxxx
I think those fumes are getting waaaaaaaaaay to much for you my love; either that or you've had one to many of your famous tipples!!!

Anyway, what about one of those chemical headgear masks the army guys used in the Gulf :shock: That should do it!!

Dellie :D
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