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May 3, 2004
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:| Is there any stipulation for health and safety reasons regarding what type of chair a client can sit on. I have been told that for health and safety reasons, I wouldn't be able to use a chair with wheels for the clients to sit in just in case they didn't realise it had wheels and had an accident. I can appreciate the risk if I had a really dense client and had (since purchasing the chair) noticed that most salons have a different chair for the client (ie no wheels).

Can someone clarify if it is against health and safety to use a chair with wheels on for a client (I know so many people who use typist type chairs)?
this is definately a new one on me!
but, why does it not suprise me?
all my client's chairs have wheels, always have done.
i've suffered a few visits from the health & safety guys, & this is not one they have yet dreamed up!
but don't speak too loudly, they might hear you!!
the silliest thing they tried was... had we considered the DANGER of cross-contamination from the comunal use of, wait for it... nail enamels??!!?
doug schoon soon put them straight!
i hope this is not their latest pet project!
liza xx
hi my partner is a health and safety manager and said its fine to have chairs with wheels on pm me if you need any question answered and he will help you out x
Emma/Liza - Thanks for your comments. It was a local hairdresser that pointed it out to me and maybe it applies to hairdressers that their clients shouldn't sit in a chair with wheels since they are holding scissors, etc.

I will look into this further and let you know what I come up with.

Just had a visit from H&S and they want me to have an extractor and a fresh air fan installed in the nail room. Which is a real pain in the ass as i have just decorated. Even though the nail room is upstairs at the front of the building and nowhere near the downstairs salon.

Have you had to do this Liza?? my salon is hair, nails, spray tanning, and Beauty.

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