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Jul 15, 2004
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Hello all you nail geeks, just wanted to say hi ! I am new to this site and also new to the business. I did the LCN three day course at the start of the year and i am still having alot of problems with it. I have been advised to use IBD which i used last week on a couple of clients ( mainly friends ) and i found it alot easier to use and it also cut my time in half ! Does anyone have any advice on IBD and also LCN ?

Many thanks
Both of the systems you mention are good systems.

Many use LCN with out experiencing any problems so it would seem to me that surely it would make sense to return to the people at LCN for more help and guidance as something is wrong.

You may have liked working with the IBD system better (fair enough) but have you had enough time yet to see if you are experiencing any of the same problems with IBD gel as you were with LCN? Only time will tell as those first clients return to you for their maintenance and you see how well they have lasted.

IBD is a good system too that has been on the go for many years and supports thier product with sound education. Give it time and decide which works the best for you.
Hiya - I use LCN with no probs - let me know which gel you are using and I'll let you know how I got on with it. Have you been in touch with customer service - they really will guide you through any probs you have

Thankyou for your reply, i have been using LCN Sculpting gel and i am finding it very difficult and i am getting quite dishartend ( if thats how you spell it ! ) the results have been very bumpy the first sets are fine its usually the fills where i have been having probs we were not shown this on the course so i guess thats probably why ! The natural nail overlays seem really thick as well so i decided to try the IBD clear gel and i have found this alot easier and quicker to use but they don't seem to be staying on they are only lasting a couple of days luckily for me i have been experimenting on friends so i have lost no business ! i have been using a bonder and a sealant but this doesn't seem to be making any difference!

Any tips would be great as i am about ready to give up !!!!

Kelly x
Hi, Sorry it's taken me a while to get back to you. Sculpture is an incredibly hard gel to master as it's not self levelling - ie where you put it it stays. This is why it is so lumpy when you put it on, your only answer to correct this is either practice, practice ,practice until you get the hang of it, or (and I know I shouldn't say this), but if you can't master it you will end up having to do a lot of filing at the end to get rid of your lumps and bumps. I find that when working with it, never have a "dry" brush - Brenda at LCN taught me and said that once you have rolled on your initial blob(yep that's a technical term) of gel then if you apply a very small blob(there it is again) of gel to your brush you will find it a lot easier to move the gel without creating ridges. The 3 component system is incredibly good as each phase is designed to do what it says on the tin. However ............... I never use it any more as it is so hard to use and is damned expensive. I have switched to the one component resin F pink which is half the price and I find it is all but near as damn it as good as sculpture. I would recommend seeing if you could go on half a day's training to use it - it is self levelling and so instead of leaving bumps it eases into place and smoothes out o its own. DON'T WHATEVER YOU DO GIVE UP. TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN. I have been doing nails for 4 years and still attend courses every 6 - 12 months. It may seem expensive but it's an investment that you will never regret. Speak to customer services - Kerry is brilliant so try and speak to her, go through your concerns and she will take you through the best course of action - take their advice, and keep in touch with them. PM me if you want any more advice, support. I wish you all the best, I would never move from LCN as their customer support is fab - in fact I may do the permanent makeup and I whaven't even bothered looking at another company as I know I will get first class training and back up.
Welcome to this site, you will certainly get all the help you require on here with added info on anything to do with nails.

I can't help you with gel but wanted to say hello and good luck in the future.:)

thankyou ever sooooo much for your advice i DO feel alot better and i will try these tips out tommorow !!

Thanks again

kelly x
talented talons,

thank you for saying hi ! i'm sure i will be using this site loads now i have found it !!

kelly x
Let me know how you get on!
The Nail Room said:

thankyou ever sooooo much for your advice i DO feel alot better and i will try these tips out tommorow !!

Thanks again

kelly x

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