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Apr 21, 2003
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I was wondering if anyone could give me some good advce on how to get started in this industry. i will qualify in June of this year and was wondering how to go about it. I amunsure of whether to go into it feet first and start on my own or whether it is better to get some experience behind me and start work in a salon. Any advice would be fab!!! Thanks xxx :cool: :D 8) :meow: :pig: :fro: :sunny:
I think it is entirely up to you and how you see your ability as a new technician. How do you feel you stack up against the competition around you?

Also your financial backing will have a lot to do with how and where and when you set up.

Gaining experience by working for a 'reputable' salon that has a good standing in your area can be invaluable in learning to deal with the public and the trials and tribulations of running a business too.

Just make sure that when you make the move to leave employment and go it on your own, that you do so in a professional manner and always 'leave the door open'. You never know!

It is quite common in the UK for technicains to leave the salon having tried to take as many customers with them as possible - handing out business cards etc. whilst still being employed by the salon ... seen it a million times.

If one is a great tecchnicain and a nice person, and the clients want to stay with you, they will find you BUT until then, the clients belong to the salon where you are working and not to the technician working in the salon.

I don't mean to lecture you personally on business ethics. My comments are more to provoke meaningful discussion and by way of good sound advice to all employees in salons. ;) Good luck.

I can only echo what Geeg says. there are many factors to take into account - here are afew I thought about when starting up:

1. Could you generate enough clients on your own to do mobile or work from home? This takes endless traipsing round with flyers, or expensive advertising, but you can be clever and try mums& toddler groups, gyms, etc.

2. Do you live in a locality to support mobile work? I live in a fairly rural area so mobile became impractical purely on the petrol costs!! :D

3. How many nail salons are there in your area? It may be difficult to set up in competition on your own without more experience, although if you are confident enough it would be the fastest way to achieve a thriving business.

4. What do you want to achieve in the long run? Do you want to have a busy salon, or are you happy to do mobile? A salon is more of a tie, but has specific hours of business - being mobile is more flexible, but can have its downsides i.e. clients expect you to work all hours, and to fit them in no matter what!!!

5. Remember what ever you choose to do the location of your business is a key factor in success.

Just a few thoughts - not meant to be an exhaustive list..

I started by working self-employed and rented a room in an existing beauty salon that did not currently offer nail enhancement services. I did that for 18 months, with very little advertising just word of mouth, and a couple of wedding fairs. In the end I was so busy that the salon owner and myself decided that we need to expand, so have now formed a company and moved to much larger premises. We opened Utopia at the start of this year and have been absolutely mobbed since. Very tiring, but a great buzz!!

Good luck with the nails

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