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The sole man
Apr 3, 2015
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Hello everyone. I've decided to do beauty therapy level 2. I've done nail tech level 2 and I'm at the start of level 3. I wanna get some kit to use in college. I would get the college one but I have enough manicure stuff already. Does anyone have an idea of kit list? I have a rough idea but I've probably missed some. Also. What would be a good make up brand? Reasonably priced? Only using for practise and not on clients so doesn't need to be superior quality? Thanks everyone x
Tbh you really need to find out what treatments that the course is going to do, even if you get the kit list and work out what you need from that. But you should work out the best way as it may be cheaper to buy the college kit than buying everything separate xxx
When I did VTCT makeup we used a college kit called S Color. It's fine for learning. I think for the price of it, it's pretty good value actually. The quality was good for the cost in my opinion. If you intend to do makeup on clients though, don't buy a cheap set of brushes. The college set that I bought because it was in the required kit list was crappy - I binned the lot. Excellent quality brushes can be had without needing to pay a fortune: the Real Techniques stippling brush is brilliant (just an example). the Royal and Langnickel Silk Pro collection is regularly on offer for half price on a promotion and Zoeva and Sigma also do great brushes at fair prices.

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