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Jul 24, 2023
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Hi all,

I have been highlighting my mums hair for a while now (10+yrs) but the last few years has been going more and more grey. She is now 90% grey apart from the nape of her beck so suggested we stop bleaching as no need and just use a toner.

Last week i used wella speical blonde 12.96 10vol 10 minss and it grabbed purple on her natural grey roots, but where her hair was previously bleached hardky deposited so still pale yellow.

We have washed it and the purple has budged (thank god!) but now looking for a toner all over. She doesnt like warm tonea but also doesnt like it to look to dark/ashy.

I was going to do a 10.1 on ends for 5 mins to nutrilise and then possibly a 10.1 1.0 and 10.13 all over to give her a nice natural white finish?

I have had 2 babys in 2 years and i feel like my colour theory has gone out the window and i cant remember anything (baby brain😂)

Thanks for reading this far and i hope to get some advise!