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Jan 5, 2016
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Hi everyone,
My friend at the salon has been doing a full head of foil on my hair for about a year and it looked great back then.
In the past 5, 6 months, I've decided to go for a lower maintenance look and get less and less foils, to eventually grow it out to a balayage look. I was hoping to keep the roots dark with clean blonde highlights and just the ends solid blonde
However since the last colour, I've noticed the warm colour bands on my hair :confused::confused:
I'm not sure how to fix it without damaging my hair even further. What do u think my options are? And for an ombre look, should i put on my roots maybe half 6 and half 6.1 with 10 vol and feather it down?
I only have just over a year experience, and dont want to complain and make my friend feel bad, so your opinion would be much appreciated!!


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Why don't you just go for a root melt with a colour similar to your natural? Xx
Don't do a 6.1 the .1 will make the blonde go karki
You need to neutralise with the opposite colour then just go for a 6.0 Also if your not covering grey or lifting root colour I'd go for a semi eg. Colour touch or fudge
Do around a level 4/5 to match your natural and drag is down!
Thanks everyone!! I'll try that with a semi :)

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