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Jan 12, 2003
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Greven, Germany
Hi Guys and Gals,
Well I need all your help,
I am doing a list of MMA free Salons, but I cant research all of them by myself, so I was thinking and I know this is a bit cheeky.............
If You know of a MMA free Salon, yours included and others you know of, please send me the addy , I thought maybe this is a bit like reverse psychology, not name and shame(MMA) but name and praise the great ones. I will put all of these on my website and also will have a page dedicated to MMA , and the downfalls.
I know I cant stop MMA all by myself, but hey I can give it a damn good or at best a good run for it's money
OK Thanks (uups just fell of my soap box)
Love Ruth oh yes and Faye she is my partner in crime here lol xxxxxxxxxx
well yes shes right there i am :( . only joking mummy :D
well i am going to visit all the salons in my area so if anyone in essex area would like to help it would be much appreciated as essex is a large area :?
thanks ;)
faye ruthys off spring xx
You guys ... help is already in Essex.

Tracey Leja has worked incredibly hard with the local council and they are insisting now that any MMA salons go for more training and that they change their products or be closed down. This is TRUE. So ring Tracey and she will report them and start the ball rolling.

Her telephone # is. Work: 0208 787 7036
Mobile; 0771 873 8105

She will fill you in.
they are insisting now that any MMA salons go for more training and that they change their products or be closed down.

This sounds mavelous! We could do with the same enforcement in all counties. I'm in Cambs/Suffolk and these salons are slowing spreading northwards. Is this something that Tracey has taken upon herself to do? Kudos to her. I might just give her a call.
Brill news Gigi,
Must give Tracy a call to see what she can do for Thurrock then. Maybe her local Council can influence Thurrock Borough Council and even Essex County Council, as they don't seem to be to bothered, but they might just be, if they know that another local Council is taken actions .
Maybe this will spread all around the UK then. Well I hope it does.

We are a Salon that doesn't use Acrylic at all, but still aware of the MMA issue. There are still a lot of Fibreglass, Silk and Gel Technicians out there, that dont know about MMA and they need to be told about MMA too, as they will come across this product sooner or later.


Love Ruth xxx
Seriously, tracey really has them on the run in her area and as you say, Ruth, maybe it will spread to other councils in time.

Tracey took this fight upon herself in order to help to protect her customers... and it has really snowballed. I'm sure she can give you advice about how to tackle your own local councils.

Some of these salons now have even tried to fool customers and inspectors by putting MMA products into Creative containers :twisted: ... but the inspectors have even had the products tested and are now taking the salon to court for falsely lableing and in the meantime have closed the salon I believe. As you say kudos to Tracey for all the hard work on behalf of many others.
well i know of about two or more salons in my area and i know that they use mma. One of my friends had her nails done there when i was doing her nails i was doing a full set about once and sometimes more a week, then she started going to a salon in the local town centre and her nails have been on for months now. They look thick , discoloured and she has even comented on a strange odour when she was filing them down in length.
I maybe able to find out if our local council is doing anything as my sister in law works for the council so she might be able to dish the dirt (if there is any) and if there is nothing being done in our area then i am sure she will be able to start it off as i do her nails and she loves them. She calls me up if she loses one and first thing she says is that she hasnt bitten it yet :D (she gets excited with herself as she was a bad with a capital BAD nail biter).
Anyway i shall be calling tracey for the latest .
Take care luv FAYE XX (ruthys off spring)
i've checked my nail products and cant see anything about mma on the labels - is it disgused and called something else....
i use lcn gel and ego gel. soft touch nail wraps - silk-
if you have any more info i would much appreciate it....
This is an excellent idea!!!!!!!!! If there is anything I can do to help then ask away. I make sure I have MSDS on all products I use and I know I am MMA FREE. I am a new nail technician working within a hairdressers in Essex, and we have salons springing up everywhere that don`t give you any information on their products which in my mind I see as dodgy. Its about time someone did something about them.
There are quite a few of us who are working behind the scenes on this issue and some of us have been for more than 5 years .... don't the wheels grind slowly.

As we've said so many times - stick to BRANDED lines - and not private lables and you won't go far wrong.
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