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May 19, 2003
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North East
hey everyone

can anyone tell me the trade prices for OPI's snow place like home gift set, and ez flows boogie nights kit, also where can i order them from? ive tried everywhere, and need them urgently

many thanks
Try for the Boogie nights set if you can't find it at your local shop; they tend to carry sets that aren't as new. I know all I can find right now is the new Carnival set. As for the OPI Snow place like home set . . . . I've seen a set called "Snow place like Hollywood" from OPI; it's at my local supply shop; try

Good Luck
Just as an FYI that we don't allow trade prices on a public forum. Maybe someone can pm you?
The AUTHORISED DISTRIBUTOR for EzFlow products is is the link Grafton International Ltd.

Or call 0845 130 1511 for your nearest Distributor. HTH
i meant snow place like hollywood kit, thanks for you replies

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