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Jul 27, 2007
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Hi all,
Sorry to mither but i really need some advise i've being having a few hair disatsters over the past few months my freind who is mobile has been doing my hair for the last eight months first two times where fab , i have dark blonde a few bleach slices and another blond in. On one appointment she put far to much of the bleach streaks in leaving me looking like i had a full head of bleach which i really didnt like the next appoinment i asked her to give me a more natural look so was advised brown with a few blond in this ended up a really flat greeny looking brown with white streaks after a further brown a really dark brown, stupid me went back again and she put a 4.0 on again a week later a greeny brown so i put a 4.3 semi perm on my self to cover the green ( 3 weeks ago) which worked but was feeling really fed up so thought i would venture to the hair dressers to get it back to normal. i asked for some light highlight through the top , which have turned out to be bleched with orange roots. Got home looked at it phoned up and said i wasnt happy so i went back they said they would put some brown foils through to break it up and sent me home with conditioner in , i've dried it it's now white blond with orange roots and orange tinted streaks . I cant face letting any one else touch it and cant afford it as i've have just paid £60 to have my hair damaged even more . i just want to:cry:ase help me before i do a britney !!!
Hi there are a couple of ways to rescue it but it may mean visiting a hairdresser who is experienced in colour correction

if I were doing your hair as it is now

firstly I would do test pieces to see what colours may be possible
and if they were possible
I would perhaps just do a rescue job like this ;

I may pick out just few lighter bits that you already have in your hair especially around the front areas and covering them in a mixture of talc and thick conditioner and wrap them all up like foils I may also put a little powder lightener on the roots of the foils if it is it is very orangey

then I would pop on a Color touch by Wella ,
this I would put all over the roots first then the ends last,
and poking the colour well in between your highlghts

( colour touch is a demi quasi colour which is kind to hair and will last) this will help bring back the shine a little in your base shade

I would pick a very warm golden brown colour probably from the 6 range

the 6 may be needed to cover those orange roots,
but nothing darker than this or you may get grab on the ends and look khaki green

This method has quite a bit of work involved , but it would still give you a bit of highlighted look

The other way is to just do the warm demi quasi base colour all over
doing the roots first and the ends last , this would be a lot cheaper for you
but you may feel a little dark without the highlights .

I would definitely go to a good hairdresser who is experienced in this type of colour work hth :hug: x

it may need a few goes before it gets back to a decent colour again as you have had some dark khaki's colours on it already,

I wouldn't panic as there are some nice warm brown all over colours to choose from
:hug: good luck

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whatever you don't do a Britney

see a professional i am sure will be able to help you

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