Help please, hair disaster


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Mar 9, 2015
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United Kingdom
Sooo..... im having a hair disaster :( (i will upload photo's)...

The other night i thought i would bleach my hair as it was all different colours i used blondor cream bleach from the tube and i kinda got carried away watching the soaps! So its gone sooo bright and kinda orange tones! I have applied a luo po2 toner as thats the only one i had to hand but i hate my hair..

Im wanting to go a cool ash blonde and i have been reading and alot of people recommend the wella illumina 8/69 with some 7/81 in.. what does everyone else think?

the photo im uploading of mine doesnt show it that good but its literally SOOO blonde and few orangy tones in there tooo!


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Oh dear, that's rather.. ermm. Colourful.

This is the exact reason pro chemicals shouldn't be available to the public.

Don't apply anything else to your hair. Go to a salon and get that fixed correctly or the only thing you'll be doing with your hair is hoovering it up off the floor.

Take that picture with you and your hairdresser sort it

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