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Apr 27, 2012
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Hi Geeks

Ive recently set up a mobile spray tanning business in my area, as far as i was aware i was the only one, i had a spray tan party booked in for the 18th May and she has messaged me to cancel as she said she wasnt going on the night out anymore... Turns out she has actually booked with someone else who is offering free cupcakes and bubbly as well as tanning the host for free ( i already offer free tan for host)

Im just quite upset that someone has poached my client and offering 'extras', im not sure how she can afford to tan four girls, do one for free, supply cupcakes and a bottle of bubbly and it still be worth her while

Sorry if im rambling i just feel ive worked sooo hard trying to build a client base from nothing and someone else just swans in offering the impossible

Any ideas on better promotion or anything that could help me here??

Thanks xx
Its just one of those things unfortunately.

Maybe though if she can include all that shes using a cheap brand or something?
I use sienna x and often have ppl who have come to me after having a rubbish tan for cheap and are now regulars because i offer quality guaranteed tans.
i spoke to a friend yesterday who payed £7.50 at a hairdressers for a supposed sienna x tan she had 16%! i dont even offer this as its too dark and she sed she it was lighter than wen i tan her with 8% and she didnt even bother washing it off the next day as it was so light!
she has said she'll never go bk and will tell all her friends to come to me so just keep going as long as you offer a good service people will realise.
also if all they want is cheap do u really want them as clients?

also dont worry about her lying people do this to make to ease their conscience you just have to become thick skinned! times are hard and people feel guilty having luxuries like tans so if they can get it for cheap it makes them feel better.

hth xxx
Don't worry about others' businesses focus on your own. Personally speaking I would t be enticed by bubbly and cupcakes! I'd want a good tan and a quality service, so focus on selling that :)
Thanks :)

Im extremely confident in my tan and my technique and ive already had people use me and then go elsewhere only to return again saying they preferred mine :) just a little bit disheartening but hey ho xx

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