Spray tan - possible reaction?


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Sep 22, 2019
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Hello this is my first time dealing with a possible reaction to a treatment.
I had a lady in today for a spray tan who has told me that since having her Covid vaccines, she’s had reactions to all sorts on her skin and been through a rough few months with being poorly too. All down to the vaccines. Maybe I shouldn’t of done the tan… it’s my first time dealing with something like this but she said she’s happy to go ahead.
I did the spray tan and it looked perfectly fine, then when I left the room I came back in as she requested to see me to another therapist who was fixing a nail in the room and and there was like a huge scratch mark that looked red. The texture of the skin looked odd. I could tell it wasn’t the tan itself, it was under it, her actual skin. I tried patting it with the mitt, no change. I wasn’t sure if it was the tan at first I offered to apply another layer of the tan. She said it wasn’t irritating her. She said no see how it goes, I advised to wash it straight off, she said no. I said if it gets worse to definitely rinse off and seek medical advice if it gets worse. She rang later on in the day asking if she could apply false tan herself.. I said I personally wouldn’t Incase it irritates her further…
Anyone had this happen?

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