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Jul 1, 2014
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North East, England
Please help, I'm new to doing acrylic and I'm trying to find EZ flow grand oval 508 brush. But all I can find on eBay is USA sellers and really expensive one for sale in the UK on Amazon or eBayUK.

Anyone know a good stop online I can purchase one or are they a standard price everywhere?

That's great thanks. I know there worth it. I've been trying out one at work but want one of my own.

Seem to be getting better results than using the one I've got.

Do you use one? Do you think there best ones going or does it just depend on personal preference xx
I think it depends on personal preference.

I do like the 508 it's very easy to work with. I have a lot of brushes. My thoughts are:

Cnd: I have the 8 & 10. The brush I find too long, I'm always poking myself with it because it is sharp & the brush bristles seem stiffer & less pliable than others I have tried. Also they don't have lids which is just silly.

Harmony: I've got the silver 2 piece & it's a nice brush that does as it's told lol. It's a bit thinner & pointier than the ezflow.

Ezflow 508: A bit fatter, very soft bristles & feels very comfortable in the hand.

Crystal nails big one: I do love this brush & it ties in 1st place with ezflow. It's a bit shorter in the body, fatter & more pointed. Very pliable & soft. Lovely brush.

I took a pic of the brush shape of 3 a while ago & am attaching that thread as you can see they are all quite different.

ps... In terms of art design I think crystal nails win with the 3d mini. I have the ezflow 308 & I am not a fan.
Thanks for the great advise and tip [emoji4]

For a newbie I think the EZ flow would be good do you agree or would you got for the crystal nails brush?

The picture really help to compare them altogether

You've tried the ezflow & like it so I would go with that. It's a great all round brush.

Brushes are so expensive it would be really annoying to splash out & be unhappy with the one you chose.
I agree Graftons pricey but well worth it, don't buy from ebay or amazon as you don't know if it is genuine even though they say it is, and if you look after it properly it can last you years, been using mine for six years and still going strong
I've always bought eZflow 508 brush. Love it. Tried a different one only once and it was a waste of money. Same size and shape, but awful. I went straight back to the eZflow one. You can sometimes get one a bit cheaper on eBay or Beverly Beaute, but make sure it's a brand new one.
It's arrived today while I was at work. Been practicing on tips since I got in love it. Can't wait to try it out on my full set model next week. Hopefully I'll be doing full sets on 'real people' soon [emoji4]

Thanks for the advice and tips xx
Where did you get it from in the end? :)
Salons direct I ordered it before I saw you post but it's the same price. Took two days to come

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