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Nov 13, 2010
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hi i am in need of some help i am looking into setting my own business up and need a name for it can anyone help?:rolleyes:
Well it would be helpful to have a few clues, luv!

What exactly will you be doing/offering in this business? Lol

In your name, what will you be seeking to get across to the consumer?

What kind of clients are you hoping to attract to you?

What is the ethos of your business?
sorry i am going to be doing all styles nails, spray tan and minxs:smack:
Look at the other questions I posted too.

Will you be mobile or salon based?
i am going to be renting a room for three days and doing mobile for the rest so its more for my mobile as i will be working in my friends shop,
i am looking to attaract any female who likes to be pampered as i love what i do and what other people to fell relax when they have a treatment with me.:)
Bliss. (sounds like that to me). :green: good name

Totally Polished

Remember You?

ME Time
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u could use pampered, or translate it to another language..

just a thought, but might not b what ur looking for x
i like bliss thats a good name:)

what language would you translate pampered to?x
i like bliss too & blissfull :)

am not too sure id find a word or a phrase and see which languages sound good, if that makes any sense at all lol x
brill thanks i am thinking bliss nails by natalie:)
Ooooooooo!! What about Gloss? I like that. I also like only one or two words in a business name.
Sounds good to me!
Hope all goes well 4 you x

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