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Hair By Sadie

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Jun 3, 2012
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Hiya, I have a client that I'm doing hair for a bridal photo shoot, it's not her wedding day she is just having another shoot in her dress. Her hair is soooo fine and thin on top, I did her hair today in an updo with curls, I tonged her hair before hand and used velcor rollers for more lift at crown area, but it's hard to backcomb without it looking messy... does anyone have advice as what best to do?? She has a hair extension to make the curls at back bulkier, but they are not real hair so I'm trying to blen them in as best I can. I worry if I was to clip in a whole head of extensions you would see the clips as the hair is sooo thin.... :-( I want her to look and feel her best, but need some advice please.... thank you!
Sorry, I don't really know anything about extensions, but can't you have different texture extensions which will match the clients natural hair.

Are you using one of those special combs/brushes specifically designed for back combing. They are so much better than a standard comb. If not, try using one, you might find it a bit better. I use the Kent LBC1 back combing brush.
I also find that backcombing fine blonde hair is awkward, as the hair looks transparent.
Maybe you could try a few protein strengthening treatments on the clients hair, to give it some body and strength.

Maybe some other geeks will have some top tips for you. Good luck.

I am still a student but our tutor told us a little trick for hair resistant to backcombing...

Backcomb first then set in heated rollers, apparently that keeps the volume... obviously with lots of hairspray too :)

Hope that helps?
Thanks for the tips, yeah I do use a proper wee backcombing brush, I love it! managed to make the clients hair look fab with adding some real hair clip in extensions as they have smaller clips so not so noticable. I used got 2 be volumising root lift poweder at the roots and backcombed the crown area a little and used got2be glued hair spray for hold! Turned out great on the day! Phew!! LOL! :)
I put loreal pli in alot with fine hair, powder is brilliant at the roots. I put rollers in then backcomb the hair. And being mobile I have every colour human hair extension I can get my hands on... For situations like this is perfect :) match the colour and the client gives me it back few days after! Very handy :) xxx

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