Help with gel, colour running/smudging


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I am still practicing Gel Nails and currently using the Gellux brand. I follow all steps of manicure, and stages of gel correctly when applying but it seems that once the colour has been cured, the gel kinda slides off the top of the nail and down the sides (hard to explain) as if it almost smudged or the colour has ran somehow, I then carried on with my final coat of colour and corrected the bits that had ran and then once cured it seemed ok, however around 1hour later the gel has started to peel at the top and has gone bumpy...
Does anyone have any advice or an idea on what I could be doing wrong? Thanks x


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What lamp are you using?


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Your gel polish isn’t fully cured. It can feel hard on top at just 50% cured, but underneath it sounds like it’s still soft. This becomes more apparent a little while after application.

Check that your gel polish layers are really thin.
Make sure you are using the recommended lamp for your polish (this is very important)
Check hand placement is correct in the lamp and that you are curing for the right length of time.
More pigmented darker colours do tend to need extra time to cure.

Also, just make sure you have thoroughly stirred your polish to make sure there’s no separation.