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Jul 12, 2004
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Hey guys.
Ive done a set of in fills on acrylic, ive buffed them down to get rid of the line where there have grown up but u can still see a faint line even though you cant fill a ridge as it is smooth, im just worrid that when i apply a new lot of acrylic it will show through. any ideas.
Hope this makes sence.x
Have you made sure you have got rid of all lift by filing behind the lift/line? Sometimes that's why you see a line. Some people use a product called Line Out but in my opinion this shouldnt be necessary if you are getting rid of lift and rebalancing/infilling correctly. Hope this helps.
I have a problem with this too. I file and file but still get a line!!
vicky said:
I have a problem with this too. I file and file but still get a line!!
The key thing is to make sure you file behind the line not on the line.
Im really sorry but im new to all this, what do you mean when you say behind the line not on the line.
I was only taught to buff down to get a smooth suface before applying a new lot.
to file behind where the acrylic ends, not on top of it. I do this but i think i must have some kind of mental block and filing to hard and hurting the client.
What would you say is the best file to use.
Would it be an actuall file or 240 sponge board.
I use a Koala or a 240 file.
THanks for your help i shall give it a go to see how i get on.

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