Help with Paul Mitchell hair color....I want purple!


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Nov 5, 2007
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ok hello everyone i recently started beauty school cause i want to dabbled with hair and nails n not just nails. i started using Paul Mitchell color 4vr ( thanx to senior stylists at school)on my hair with 4 drops of violet color shots cause i wanted a nice purple not red purple. it turned out gorgeous i loved it. after 5 weeks we touched the growth n pulled thru middle n ends for the last 15 minutes. she added 4 drops of violet color again and i asked her if it would turn out redder than before cause there was red tint left after fading she said no it will turn out the same. well i may not know much yet about color theory and color wheel but it did turn out much more red than before. i told her to add maybe 2 drops violet and 2 drops of blue to counter the extra red in my hair. she dismissed me n now my hair is red violet with red being dominant when i wanted purple like it turned out. teacher said when we get to that lesson she'll explain it more. i need to know please if i was right in adding blue to the mix. thank you
Yes you are right your tutor should have just told you x
i knew it!! thank you so much....i think she wants me to figure it out on myself thru trial n error cause she said im smarter n more talented with little experience than some of her senior students.

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