Help with toner?

So my best friend wants her hair a mushroom brown baylage, she's been to salons before and has always just come out unhappy, she's a level 5 goldwell, and then maybe a 6 golden tone on the ends, I'm going to baylage it and lift it up so it goes to a nice blonde but what would be the best toner to use? Tia x


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I have no idea what your version of ‘mushroom brown’ looks like as I tend to buy the white button mushrooms. ;)
Joking aside, with a toner, you’re neutralising unwanted tones so you should choose a toner that matches the level of the hair you’re colouring. So if it’s lifted to an 8, look for a level 8 toner. Remember that the density of colour pigment in the toner decreases the lighter you go.
(I’m wondering if ‘mushroom’ is a bit too close to becoming a murky khaki colour?)

Also, if she’s the sort of client who is regularly unhappy when she leaves a salon, is it because she has unrealistic expectations for the price she’s willing to pay or that she struggles to convey exactly what she want e.g. mushroom coloured hair (!)

Overly fussy friends can be the worst type of client so if she’s still unhappy afterwards, don’t feel obliged to keep offering to do her hair. I had one acquaintance a few years ago who told me that she was never satisfied with her haircut and had been to every hairdresser within about 20 miles. I declined her kind offer to allow me to cut her hair. I don’t need that sort of hassle. I rarely see her but when I do, she spends a good five minutes moaning about something or other until I can make a polite escape. :(

Good luck with it.

I make it policy to not do friends. It's a hiding to nothing. And as for 'mate's rates ... noooooo!

If it is the light brown bit on a mushroom then try NXT 9.8 & 9.7 equal parts w/ a little bit of 7.0. I think level 6 isn't going to be visible enough you should also come up at least 2 levels even for a subtle look.

Good Luck x