Help with topcoat browning!!


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May 25, 2003
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Ford City, PA USA
I just had the most unusual thing happen today. I had a gal come in for a rebase and I had polished her french two weeks ago and used Poshe as a top coat. Well, when I polishe the french, it was pink and white. When she came in today, the pink had turned a yucky taupe color. :puke: When I swiped it with the nail polish remover, one swipe and the pink was back. :huh:

So I started asking the obvious questions, do you smoke? Were you in a tanning bed? (Poshe claims that it doesn't discolor in beds) Did you use a self-tanner? Were your hands in any chemicals? Answer to all questions was no.

I am stumped. :huh: I polished her french again this week, but used an OPI topcoat to see if it happens again.

Any ideas what is going on here?
Hi ya Hun,
Just a thought, does she use a tan extender lotion.....................
or a slightly tinted moisturizer or face cream????
Some body lotions might do that, give it a funny hew and then when you take the polish off so does the funny coating????
just a thought
Love Ruth xxxx
Good thought Ruth! I will ask her next week. Another thing we came up with in the salon is that she might be a hair spray or hair product nut and use a little too much and not washing her hands when she is finished. The build up is then taking on dirt and not coming off.

We'll figure it out one way or another!
Hi Rhonda,

I use to have problems with top coats browning until I started using Faze 2 (Creative Nails product). Thats what I use if clients want a high gloss shine on top of their acrylic nails. It can also be used over nail art paints, although isn't very good used over nail art that has been applied on top of polish (unless applied about 8 hours later - when clients have long gone!!) The only draw back is after about 10-14 days there is a slight 'crakle' look over the nail which most customers dont notice (just me scruntinizing nails!)
Hope you find this helpful.

Mel x
Just to clarify ...

Faze 2 is not a Creative product ... it is a DesignerNails product and is only sold in the UK I'm afraid so it won't help you much there in Pennsylvania, Rhonda!! :D

It's real purpose is to add final, permanent shine to any enhancement system. But many use it over airbrushed nail art to keep it permanent, as Faze 2 is not removed with nail enamel removers.

It keeps enamel on permanently too which is very useful to nail technicians who want to keep their nails looking perfect whilst working in the salon -- BUT -- the enamel must be completely dry before Faze 2 is applied!!

Nice to see your little face again Rhonda!
Oops sorry Rhonda didn't realise Faze 2 was only available in the UK, also didn't pay attention to where you lived. Only just joined site so its all still abit new to me.

Sorry :(

Mel xx
Thanks for the Faze 2 discussion! I haven't posted in awhile, I have been really busy, but do check in every so often.

Now you have my interest!!! I was just at a Networking event in Pennsylvania and it was great! I got lots of lessons in gels. Now I am wondering what product in the US would be equal to Faze 2? Would Young Nails Finish do the same thing? It is pretty much for leaving P & W really shiny. I was also told that it can be put over polish, but it has to be dry polish so it sounds very similar.

Anyone know?
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