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Jun 2, 2009
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Todmorden UK
Morning all, I have a lady who is getting married in November and wants a full set of gels for the wedding. But she also wants her nails doing for her hen night about a fortnight before.
She has never had enhancements of any description before and is a busy mum, so I don't think I would hold out much hope of her just keeping the one set on for both occasions without any accidents occurring.
She also has the widest nails I have ever seen so they will have to be sculpted (i think). So I could really do with some help with what to do for her hen night.
I was thinking maybe a white tip with a layer of l&p, then I can soak them off without doing any damage. Then I can do a full set of gel for her wedding. If I can persuade her to just have them painted for the hen night it would be even better I think, but not sure she would go for it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
If she has wide nails, tips may not be the easiest to use as in getting a good fit, and they may tug a bit and put her off for her big day ( although you may have some tips for just this purpose ) if you did have nice wide tips you could as you say tip with a thin layer of acrylic, or soak off gel, so they will be easy to remove, what about a soak off gel overlay?? this would give her nails a chance tog row for her wedding day as well?, you could paint your own nails with a french escpecially for her coming in to show hew how good it can look?? this might perswade hear?? good luck x I am sure she will love whatever you both decide xx

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