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Sep 10, 2003
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I have been creative trained now for about 2 months and am mobile

I did a set of nails L&P for a lady last week and she has just called me saying she has experienced lift on one hand.

She said that some of the lift looks like little bubbles underneath?.

Is this my fault? - I know i did a good prep. and the nails looked great at the end!

Also if she is one of these ladies that just experiences lift what can i use to help to prevent this?

Primer - can I use this after I have put on an enhancement but before I put on the product?

Nail Fresh - would this also help

Please could someone help I have to go back and see her on Friday - also should I charge?????????????? :oops: :(
Well love,
Bubbles in the product are caused by air being trapped in the brush.........
Make sure the brush goes all the way down in the dappen dish and not just the tip of the brush.......then wipe the brush as usual....

Bubbles under the product happen after the curing process, this happens if the product is not patted on firmly enough..sporadic adhesion... press rather then glide the product in place.................
You can try also scrubfresh, then nailfresh and then scrubfresh again, this will maximise adhesion.............

Acid free primer can be used ,but if you use R+ that is seldom necessary...... if you find that you get this sort of problem with most of your clients, look at you application technique................keep up the good work, you will get there babe, early days and still lots to learn........
Same here !!!!!!!!!

love Ruth xxxxxxx
Sounds like it could possibly be pocket lifting.

I just added pocket lifting to the auto linker and the novels section.
O... and there is an article on primers in the novels section that may help.

Hope this helps :)
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