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Jan 17, 2012
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Hi there,

Im maid of honour at my sisters wedding and so therefore helping to organise the hen do with her best friend which is on 26th May. I have been put in charge of finding us a spa to have a couple of treatments at each for the afternoon. We are going to a hotel in Stratford uopn Avon and the hotel has a spa but unfortunately they could only book 4 maximum and there are 12 of us.
I was wondering if anyone on here had managed to book in 12 or more ladies for treatments all at the same time so we are not split up doing different things?
Ive looked into a couple of salons and spas near the hotel but because theres so many of us, its really proving a problem?

Any help would be great x
Hey I think you would need to find a big salon with alot of therapists and book in advance if you ladies don't want to be split up! The most people we have had in our spa are 10 so there are 5 girls who have treatments while 5 are in the spa and vice versa! Xx
Thanks for your reply Lacey!

Because I was in a bit of a worry/panic when I wrote that post, I hadn't even thought of the fact that the others could use the pool and things when they weren't in treatments, theres me thinking they'd be hanging around in reception bored as bananas.

Thanks for helping to clear my mind and make me think properly lol xx
You're welcome :) I hope you get everything sorted! I'm the maid of honer for my mum :) I dont have a glue what to do! X
Try the wildsmoor spa in Stratford we went for my friends hen and they were fab! Hope that helps
Thanks :) yeah I'll have a look around x

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